Myles & Jill Engaged | Calgary Wedding Photographer

Myles & Jill were such a fun couple to work with. Starting our day off at the Calgary zoo where Myles proposed to Jill, then making our way over to the Red Water Rustic Grill where they first met. Myles was the Executive Chef and Jill was serving at his restaurant while earning her degree in Psychology.They spoiled me with dinner and wine (amazing right?) before we made our way back outside to catch the sunset. I absolutely loved every minute I spent with these two who are clearly so in love! 
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Chelsea & Craig Edmonton Engagement Photos

Chelsea and Craig clearly knocked this one out of the park. I am so looking forward to their July 2015 wedding. 
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Cake Smash

Mixed emotions. 
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Oh Dane, you stole this sessions and my heart. Thanks to this little family for shooting through the stormy weather and mosquitoes!
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Spring Session – St.Albert Photographer

This group of girls couldn’t be any closer, it almost makes me wish I had a sister.  ; )

Champions de France

Game 7 at home to win the Coupe Magnus couldn’t have been more perfect! Although these photos are not perfect by any means, they still mean so much to me and I am just happy my camera made it out of this day alive. Seb had decided he was done playing hockey in 2012 and we started “normal” life at home in Edmonton. Retiring from Hockey at the age of 25 is not something either of us had expected, and clearly it didn’t last long. His first year back was a year we will never forget. We love you Briançon.
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Italian Riviera Bridal Portraits

Lee-Anne and I have spent the past three months organizing this stylized bridal shoot in Manarola, Italy. Morning coffee dates (on Facetime) to plan out every detail, from shoot locations to models & even choosing the wedding dresses so generously provided by Studio Braut. Lee-Anne being in Austria and myself in France made Italy the perfect location to shoot. I’m sad it’s all over but I look forward to the next time I’ll work with Lee-Anne Jarrett Photography. I can’t wait to share more…


Briançon Senior Session

This gorgeous girl just turned 18 and this was her birthday gift from her parents. I was a little nervous going into this shoot having to speak another language, but her father being a photographer made directing her so much easier. Please note that all of Savanah’s smiles are directly attributed to my brutal French.
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Old Town Briançon Maternity Session

I am so in love with this city that I am fortunate enough to call home for the next few months. I have too many locations I want to shoot at before heading back home to Canada for the summer. This couple couldn’t have been easier to photograph and I can’t wait to meet baby J who should be making his appearance sometime next week.
















Summer Love

Just one of my sons gorgeous girlfriends 😉